About Us

Our goal is to serve as an additional resource for the people in our East Mountain communities for posting notices of lost or found pets. We hope that this website will also be of service to shelters, rescue organizations, veterinary clinics, and to everyone who is interested in helping lost pets be reunited with their owners. There will be additional information, contacts, and links posted soon on our pages for anyone who has lost or found a pet.

Pictures and descriptions of lost pets will be posted on this home page. In the interest of assuring that a found pet will only be returned to its rightful owners, limited descriptions, without pictures, of found pets will be posted.

East Mountain Pet Alert was originally created as an email system for immediately informing our East Mountain residents of a lost pet. Email alerts will continue, because it is still one of the quickest ways to spread the word about a lost pet. If you would like to become part of our email alerts, please contact us.

Thank you for visiting our site. If this endeavor proves beneficial to you, and to the pets that you love, our efforts will be greatly rewarded.

To the people in the East Mountains who have diligently forwarded or received our email alerts: This website is gratefully dedicated to all of you.

My husband Jim and I have lived in New Mexico since 1963, and resided in Albuquerque until 1990. Since that time, we have been East Mountain residents.

We have lived with, and loved, many amazing, delightful rescued dogs. One of these was our beloved, precious Ariel Sue, a small Westie mix, who was diabetic, and had multiple special needs.

Pictured are Jim with Ariel, and our little clown, Casper, one of the funniest dogs we have ever owned. We say that in this picture, he is laughing at one of our jokes.

Before starting the lost pet alert, Jim and I had helped to reunite several lost pets with their owners. We have continued to give direct help to owners whenever it was needed.

The fate of pets missing in our rural and mountainous communities, particularly during our winters, has always been a deep concern to me. Realizing how easy it is for a pet to wander over one ridge, be truly lost, and unable to find its way home, I felt that information about lost pets needed to be broadcast as quickly and as far as possible. Several years ago, I started sending out lost pet notices to our neighbors and friends.

Because of some happy results from these alerts, friends encouraged me to expand this email alert system. In March, 2010, I decided to take the leap, and created a dedicated email address for the endeavor. I asked the editor of the Mountain View Telegraph to announce the service and the email address. After the notice appeared, I received some enthusiastic responses from new members who began spreading the word.

As pet alerts became known, I had requests to send out notices for pets in desperate need of new homes, and a separate email list was created for that purpose.

Now, thanks to hundreds of our amazing East Mountain residents, and true animal lovers, who are willing to receive and forward these notices, East Mountain Pet Alert has had some very heart-warming successes, or Happy Tails! Not only have several lost pets been reunited with owners, but our members have also stepped forward to adopt or foster many pets needing new homes.

Several members asked about creating a website, where lost pet pictures and descriptions would always be available. I wasn't sure how that would work out, as I knew the email alert would still be necessary for getting the word out quickly. In 2010, when a friend offered to donate her web design services for the original site, then it seemed that the time was right to go online.

It is my hope that this website will help many more lost, or found, pets find their way back to the people and homes that they love, and the families who love them.

Joyce Lewis