Contact Us

Welcome to the new EMPA website, where you can now post your lost or found pets of any type—dogs, cats, and others. It has been designed to be easy for you to use, but also to provide all the information that is needed to identify a lost pet.

We are still here to help a lost pet owner, or a pet finder, with any questions or special concerns you may have about that pet. If you would like to be contacted, please email me at If you do not see your post published within one day’s time, please let me know.

After a lost dog is posted on our website, we will make an effort to email that pet’s lost notice to our extensive network, throughout our East Mountain communities. Our active network is then aware to look for these missing dogs. Please have the courtesy to let me know if your lost pet comes home, or is found, or if you receive any other news about your missing pet, so that the notice can be removed, and the network can be informed of the current status.

For our companion pets,

Joyce Lewis, Founder