Join East Mountain Pet Alert

How Does Pet Alert Work?

We have two Pet Alert notifications:  One is for Lost/Found pets.  The other is for pets needing a new home, or a temporary foster home.

If a Pet is Lost:

  • We first receive a notification of a lost pet from an owner.
  • We send out an email alert asap to all our members, with details about the missing pet.
  • Our members then relay the alert to as many of their friends and neighbors in our East Mountain communities as they can, so that hundreds of residents can be looking out for this lost pet.

If a Pet Needs a New Home or Foster Home:

  • Occasionally we receive a plea to help a pet who is in a stressful situation, or where the owners are no longer able to care for their pet(s). We try to keep these notices to a minimum.
  • Pet alert members who have agreed to be on this list will be sent the notice about an adoptable pet, or a pet needing a temporary foster home.
  • This notice is not to ask any particular member to adopt or foster, unless they want to do so, but just to help spread the word about a pet in need.

Your Help is Valuable!

When you join East Mountain Pet Alert, you are helping in numerous ways. The more people who are willing to receive these alerts, the better our chances are of reuniting a lost pet with its owner. If you can pass the information along to others, you are increasing the opportunities that a pet will be found quickly, which is critical in our mountainous or rural communities. We encourage all pet alert recipients to carry missing pet owners' phone numbers with them when they travel.  In the event that they spot a lost pet, the location and direction of travel can be quickly relayed to the owner.

How to Join Pet Alert

If you are an East Mountain resident, or business owner, have a veterinary practice, or an animal rescue organization, we hope you will join us. Even if you are not an East Mountain resident, and you are involved in any pet related organization, you are also welcome. There are no fees for this service.

Our alerts all go out to "undisclosed-recipients". Your email address will never be given out to anyone, unless specifically requested as part of a notice.

To join, please contact us at Please put "Joining Pet Alert" in the subject line to ensure that we don't miss your email.Let us know if you want to participate in both the Lost Pet Alerts as well as the Pets Needing a New/Foster Home, or in just one.

You may unsubscribe to Pet Alert at any time if you decide you no longer wish to participate.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Joyce Lewis