Resources for Lost or Found Pets

Finding Your Lost Cat

If you have lost a cat, it is important for you to understand lost cat behavior. The distances that cats travel has been researched, and you can read that research at the link below. Placing posters for your lost cat within a certain radius of your home can be very beneficial.

Lost Pet Research & Recovery

If you have lost a cat, it is important for you to understand lost cat behavior. Excellent information can be found at these websites:

  • Missing Pet Partnership
  • HomeAgain - The Top 5 Ways that Outdoor Cats Become Lost
  • HomeAgain - How Personality Clues Help Find Lost Cats

What tools and actions can you specifically use to increase the possibility that you will find your lost indoor cat? There are several: Spotlighting, Comfort Station, Humane Trapping, and a Fish Spritzer.

EMPA may post these methods and instructions at this website soon. In the meantime, if you would like to have those sent to you, you can ask for them by sending an email to, with "Searching for a Lost Cat" in the subject line.

Finding Your Lost Dog

Information on Lost Dog behavior can also be found at See above.

It will require an owner's unwavering determination and persistence to find a missing pet. Do not depend upon one resource alone. It is likely to take a combination of daily shelter searches, plus utilizing posters, newspaper ads, and online lost/found pet sites.

Daily searches of city and county shelters, both online and in person, are ESSENTIAL. It is important to check out multiple sites, because a stray pet might be picked up and dropped off at a shelter many miles away. If you can't visit multiple shelters yourself, enlist the assistance of family and friends who know your pet. DO NOT trust that shelter staff will recognize your pet from your description or pictures. You know your pet, and you are not likely to overlook it. Remember, a shelter's staff is dealing with countless UNKNOWN pets every day.


Petfinder Navigation for our Area Shelters
Go to Look on top menu bar for Shelters and Rescues. This link has a drop-down menu. Click "Find an Animal Shelter". This will bring up a search by distance page. Put in the zip code for the shelter you want, and click "Go". Clicking on the shelter's "Pet List" will take you to their Petfinder page.

Edgewood Animal Care & Control
16 Municipal way off highway 344
Edgewood, NM 87015
They are located next to the Edgewood Police Station. At their Petfinder page, click on the shelter link to see their "Organization Info" page, which has very useful information about Edgewood Animal Control and their policies. To see the pets at their shelter, click on the Pet List link.

Torrance County Animal Control
751 Salt Missions Trail
McIntosh, NM 87032
Click on the shelter link to see their "Organization Info" page, which has useful information about the Torrance County Shelter, or on Pet List. In addition to Petfinder, Torrance County has another site to check pets at their shelter:

Town of Estancia Animal Control
1001 Highland Ave
Estancia, NM 87016
visit their website for information on their animal control ordinance. Town of Estancia has a Petfinder page, and you can also check for lost pets at their Adopt-a-Pet Page or their Facebook page

Valencia County Animal Control
Los Lunas, NM

Posting Notices for Lost or Found

Albuquerque Journal will run a free lost or found ad for one week. The email is

Mountain View Telegraph will run an ad in their Thursday edition for free. Their email is Deadline for inclusion in the Thursday paper is 3:30 pm Mondays.

You can also post a found pet, or look for a lost pet posted, at these online sites:

For Microchip Scanning of a Found Pet in the East Mountain Area

  • Bernalillo County residents may call animal care services to ask for an animal services officer to come scan a found pet.  Phone 314-0280.  Emergencies must take priority, so response time will vary.

Cedar Crest

  • Mountain Veterinary Clinic, 2 Corte De Canoncito, off N. 14. About two miles south of Frost Rd. or three-tenths mile north of Mountain Christian Church, on the left. Phone 281-5900. Please call first before bringing in a found animal.


  • Vista Larga Animal Hospital, 4 Linnie Ct, Edgewood, phone 281-7100. Vista Larga has a universal scanner. No appointment necessary.

  • Western Trails 2126 Old Hwy 66, E of Hwy 344, Edgewood, phone 286-4604. Western Trails has a universal scanner. No appointment necessary.

  • Hound Haven 1423 Old Hwy 66, Edgewood. Phone 286-3647.

Tijeras: HWY 337

  • Canyon Crossroads, South of the Tijeras traffic signal, on Hwy 337, phone 281-1515. No appointment necessary.They have a scanner which is universal, except for the AKC chip.

Tijeras: HWY 217

  • Dr. Carol Joyce-Lloyd :  Phone 286-2608 to schedule.  Can be scheduled for her office except on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Or, she can meet someone by the mail boxes at Hwy 217 and Mtn. Valley Road, or other curbside location, if that is more convenient.

East Mountain Area Scanning for After Hours

We have two PetAlert members, Susie and Karen, who are willing to help out with a scan when vet offices are closed, or when an animal is too large to transport to a clinic, or other circumstances which would make it difficult for a person to transport a found animal. Please only call for their help if you have one of these, or another difficult situation. Susie’s phone number is 505-235-2965. Karen's phone numbers: cell: 505-553-0306, or home: 505-286-0375.

Please note that Susie and Karen both work and are volunteering their time and expertise. If available, they will do their best to help with your particular situation. If it is after dark, or late, please wait to call until the next day.

If you have a lost pet
At, you will also find important and valuable information on how to design a Lost Pet Poster to attract attention, called a 5 + 5 + 55 Rule. If you need computer help with your poster design, please let PetAlert know. When available, one of our PetAlert volunteers, a graphics designer, will be happy to help you out.

Lost Pet Fliers and Posters

These stores are offering to help out Lost Pet owners by discounting your Lost Pet copies.

Albuquerque: The UPS Store in Four Hills: The store will give you a price of thirty-five cents on color copies, and five cents on black and white copies. Email:

Edgewood: Mail and Copy Business Center, at 2 Marietta Ct., Ste. A: Color copies: thirty-nine cents. Black and white copies: nine cents each. Email:

Tijeras: One Stop Office, next to the Subway on Old 66: The store will give you a ten percent discount on all lost pet copies, both color and black and white. Email:

Please remember to thank the owners or store managers for helping us out with these discounts!